Welcome. It’s been over 17 years and everyday I wake up looking forward to coming to work. As a restaurant owner there are three important tasks to my day. Making sure the customers are happy, the chef’s are happy and the restaurant looks good. Vine is more than a restaurant, it’s my home and everyone who comes is my guest. So I hope that when you stop by you have a wonderful experience.

Our food is important to us. All meals are prepared fresh, using the best ingredients by exceptional chefs. Want something special, just ask. Our menu is made up of food that people like. So you can try and put us into a restaurant category, we would suggest “delicious” or maybe “absolutely wonderful”.

People usually fall in love with our tomato soup. Our sushi pizza is sought after. Our steaks are compared to some of the finest you can find in the US. The Shrimp and White Chocolate Pasta is out of this world. We have great desserts, of course the favorite is the warm chocolate cake. Every week we put specials on, so call ahead if you want to prepare yourself.

If it puts a smile on your face and we can make it, we will.

Can’t wait to meet you…Stacey